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Booking a Wedding DJ… what to look out for

As some of you may know, before I focussed entirely on venue transformations I woked for 7 years as a Wedding DJ and host. However, even though I have since hung up my headphones I thought I’d share some of my top tips for booking a Wedding DJ/Host.

5 Top tips when booking your Wedding DJ

1.    Does he/she provide a formal written contract?

All professional DJ’s will provide a written confirmation, which will detail all of your wedding details (venue, times, contact details etc.) and will often ask you to sign this. Failing to have one is risking the reliability of your chosen DJ who may not actually turn up; it’s peace of mind for you and your partner so don’t put yourself in that situation.

2.    Do they sub-contract work?

Many DJ’s will often not actually DJ/Host your wedding themselves. Instead they will “sub” your work out to other wedding DJs in order to allow them to cover more weddings. Therefore you may not actually talk to your DJ until the day – always best to ask in advance.

3.    Will they meet with you to discuss your requirements?

Weddings are often very complex events and require hours of planning. Meetings are essential in order to gage an idea of what you want and the music tastes you have and require. Ask them before booking if they are willing to meet you at your chosen venue or your home.

4.    Are they able to provide you and your venue with their insurance details and certificates?

It’s always best to check that your DJ has insurance (PLI) and electrical safety testing on their equipment (PAT). Many venues will often request this prior to your wedding and will not let your DJ or entertainment play without providing this beforehand.

5.    Can they provide a testimonials and contact details from previous clients for you.

Many previous clients will often provide testimonials and will be happy to act as a reference. It’s always a good idea to check these and get in touch with previous Bride and Grooms to gain more of an insight into your chosen DJ.

Need any more help or advice, please feel free to get in touch and ask I’m always happy to help.

Photo provided by the amazing Stott Photography.

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